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I Never Initiated A Strike, I Will Not Be The One To Call It Off-PCC Moderator

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Right. Rev. Samuel Fonki Forba has however appealed on the Government to release all Anglophone leaders of the Outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC and the possible resumption of Classes in the two English Speaking Regions of the country.
The Post Weekender reports that Rt. Rev Samuel Fonki was speaking at a Press Conference held in Bamenda, North West region after the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees Meeting of the PCC.

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The Newspaper further reveals that the Moderator and 13 other Executives signed a two-page Press Statement proposing that Amnesty be given to all those who were arrested and detained in the wake of crisis rocking the two regions.
The PCC Moderator is quoted as saying, “We want those arrested because of their political ideologies and those detained because of crimes committed within the period to be tried in the regions where they were arrested so that their rights to be cared for by family members and friends would be guaranteed.”

The PCC Moderator and his Executives also called on the State to end all arbitrary arrest and detention of persons from the two English Speaking regions.

They also suggested that the Government should comply with the decisions arrived at with Teachers during the Bamenda meeting of January to enable resumption of classes.

On the issue of suspension of the strike, the Moderator said, “I never initiated a strike action in the first place and I would not be the one to call it off. I am simply appealing on Stakeholders to do so. If Government schools are unable to resume classes, I don’t see how PCC schools can do so in isolation.”

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