Breaking Scandal; Disarmament Commission in Bribery Drama, Munzu Traps Tumi!

6 months ago

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President Paul Biya’s disarmament commission is a mockery of a well known global approach to peace settlement after conflicts. By opting to go bribbing young men to pose as fighters surrendering weapons, while at the same time a war is still raging on, even by his own troops can only be a farce that even his government is yet to believe in. Cardinal Tumi’s 3 questions to Southern Cameroonians just show that age has taken a good toll on his sound mind, meantime Kah Walla who has lost political clout should be weary of using the Southern Cameroons independence actualization project as her new political capital. Watch on!


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The Struggle Continues

21 thoughts on “Breaking Scandal; Disarmament Commission in Bribery Drama, Munzu Traps Tumi!”

  1. Mr.Akuroh John u are right Paul biya and his military are living in a dream land, hoping Ambazonia are going to drop down our weapons. We should not drop weapons instead I will pledge to buy more weapons to the Amba boys. Cardinal Christian Tumi u are a devil in disguise, u called ur self cardinal, why are u scary to speak the truth if u took upon yourself to organize a stupid meeting that makes nonsense. Shame to you and that you Paul both of are near ur grave.

  2. Our great leader, this presentation is marvelous. Pls unite your other front leaders and let's move towards same direction. You pple re blessed with intelligence but abuses within leaders on social media is slowing down the struggle. So Pls, exercise love, patient, tolerance, accepting each other even in times of tribulations, respect for others coz we ve just one common enemy, ready to solve all problems within you pple not on social media. Thk you our brother. God is really with us.

  3. Those questions are still and almost similar to what happened in the fouband conference. That pa no get our indipendent at heart. Make e check head fine, them don kill na how many Rev Father Dem for North West and South West? Weti e talk? Pa Tumi Pls check sense fine, talk for ya self, if really weti u ask'am make sense? Gone are those day pa, the sofar don too much make wona leave we, make we take wa decision.

  4. I have never heard you speak in this way. Surly things are getting harder. Hence hard talks. Let's only pray it's the darkest hours we are in. And all those sellout let's not waste energy on them they are paid before saying what ever they say let me use you platform to refer the cadinal to Ezekiel 34 if he still reads the good book. He can then share the meaning with Kawala.

  5. Nice to have you elaborate these issues, but what about the situation on the ground.I don't know why all the people we were looking up to are becoming corrupt. Know that at the end of the day the struggle will rest on the hands of a few. Be prepared for the challenge.

  6. Mr JMA you have spoken well ,thank you for all your effort in this struggle. You're one leader that has earned my respect so far. Please do us this one favor, that of preaching and bringing our leaders together so that we can stand strong as one man and destroy the one common big enemy we have. Without which ,some of us will retire as a conquered people bcuz, we don't even know which leader to stand with. Most of us even in our meeting groups are ready to contribute financially but don't know exactly where to put our money. We are tire of blood bath in Southern Cameroon.

  7. I used to have soo much respect for the Church and clergy men and women in Cameroon. Now I know I can't trust the Church with any mediation. Tumi and his colleagues have dropped themselves so low in mud. What a shame!!!!!! Men of no moral values.

  8. My brother this is the road to freedom. The real faces of the people shall be revealed. Many you call leaders and elites shall fail you but as God liveth we on the right track. A new leader is emerging who will lead the people of God to Buea. God bless Ambazonia

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