Bretonned Sonn – Breton Nationalist Song

9 months ago

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Thanks to SOS-Cisla for translating!

Im unaware of whether or not this song has anything to do with the Breton National Party of the 40s, however they were the only nationalist group I could find to put in the image.

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Bretoned sonn touomp da vezañ leal
Bretoned sonn da vro hon tadoù kozh

Int-i zo kouekhet puilh eviti war an dachenn
Ni o mibien a raio evelto (x2)

Kloc’h bras an tour, ar c’horn-boud, an taboulin
Kloc’h bras an tour a embann ar brezel

Bretoned sonn setu C’hallaoued o tonet!
Hon enebourien ‘zeu da glask o marv! (x2)

Spered ar C’helt a sav en hor c’halonoù
Spered ar C’helt hor c’haso d’an emgann

Arzhur Meur ‘lintr e gleze hir a dreuz an neñvoù
Ar Gall a gren, du-hont, e penn al lann! (x2)

Ni a vo trec’h war an enebor daonet
Ni a vo trec’h, loskomp hor garm en noz!

Ne c’hell ket mervel hor gouenn vreton balc’h ha santel
Ni a vo trec’h ‘vel gwechall ar re gozh! (x2)
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  1. Wow, I just found out about another fascist movement. It's interesting to think about what could have been, the fate of France as a whole was uncertain in WW2, but I never before considered that there was a chance of Brittany gaining more autonomy or even independence.

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