6 thoughts on “British House of Lords debated Human Rights abuses in AMBAZONIA & CALL FOR REFERANDUM”

  1. As a medical doctor I want this junky man Boateng tested for heroin and cocaine each time he leaves his house…it is written all over his face..he is in need of money for drugs

  2. Owono libe this is just the beginning of ur cry. U call us rats terriosts, anglofools but wait soon you will be begging to have visas to visit ambazonia. We will build a wall and you and ur LRP will pay for that wall bec you will our oil, gas and foodstuff. Most of u will be working in what is known now as cdc.i know now you will say am a doll and dreaming but soon you will know vally was right.keep on going on ur killing spree in southern Cameroon

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