3 thoughts on “British Southern Cameroons :Blind men leading.”

  1. Chaii Alex Lisinge, I fear you oh.
    Your disgruntlement for dis revolution di gradually lead you down the wrong path of history. Very sad to see.
    Your BCNP political aspirations is looking bleak. You don di become a disgrace to all molas.

    You can NEVER stop this revolution because of your failure to get unwarranted power. Shame

  2. Mola Lisinge, how about provocation of anger? When people march peacefully for a just cause and you spray them with bullets, is that not reason enough to provoke rage? If a few people in a community kill one or two gendarmes to retaliate, because their own people were killed, and or maimed while they marched peacefully, and the government makes a radio announcement warning the whole community to leave their land where they have been living since time immemorial, that if they do not leave they could loose their lives, and now the people are suffering in Nigeria as refugees, is that correct? Let's not forget that people in Yaounde already have been calling these people Nigerians. So I believe they sent them to their rightful home. Its like calling people who live close to the border with mexico in America, Mexicans, then one day, they join other Americans to march for a just cause, the police kill and maim some of them, and they retaliate and kill one or two policemen and the American government make an announcement telling them to leave, they leave and their houses are burnt? Think about that, Mola Lisinge. It is wrong. Remember when you were going to primary school, when there is a fight and the teacher comes out, the first thing the teacher does is, ask who started the fight, and who provoked the other to anger. I wonder why the world does not want to admit that the Yaounde government is wrong in every respect. Even the report that was made by the American Ambassador to Cameroon, I did not like it because it did not say the Yaounde government provoked everything. Amnesty international did not also point that out. That is wrong! I hate violence with all my guts. I will never encourage violence. But every one is capable of violence if they are provoked enough; especially poor, illiterate people who do not have the language and ability to make their case. The Yaounde government is wrong from the time it had decided to take the anglophone leaders to jail, to the time they started killing people for marching peacefully. Of course there are people who want to take advantage of the situation and achieve their own goals. We British Cameroonians need, our own government. We live in a country of its own, we are a distinct people. It is a God given right.If the world keeps delaying giving our own government, we are being abused in many ways.It is already 57 years late. Colonialism in itself was an abuse. We are being abused double, while other African people have been freed long ago. I am hoping that this 21st century civilized world will stop this abuse of a people as soon as possible. We are not insignificant. British Cameroons is made up of about 4 or 5 Irelands. If what is happening in that country was hapening in Ireland, it will be a different reaction from the world, definitely. The question is why? We need to asset ourselves. We need to tell the world that we are 100 per cent human beings too, and we need to be treated as such: We are capable of carving our own laws, observing all the intricacies of our own values like every other people of the world. We do not want people telling us what to teach our children, or how to teach our children. We know what our children need to learn, and how they need to learn. We do not need the French language and the French culture. We are not French. We were not colonised by France, and we do not live in France. We have already adopted another European language and culture that our people are still struggling with, and we have our own languages and cultures that are more important than others, Mola Lisinge, please, next time you speak, speak in English. Ambazonians understand English I am pleading with every one to drop this primitive language. It is half a language. Or speak in Bali and Bakweri.

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