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Buea has been captured. Ghost town in South West Region video and pictures

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The Consortium is incharge of West Cameroon. We are winning bigly.
All video content that appears on this video belong to original owners and producers. FreeSouthernCameroons is only using the videos to create more awareness. No Copyright of any video or material intended.


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  1. How long should this strike hold? if we make it indefinite, people will get tired and bit by bit give in.

  2. I believe that we should, not only demand changes in the appointment of French-speaking teachers, judges, and the "Francophonization" of English-speaking Cameroon, we should also seize this opportunity to demand the implementation of a voting structure/process where we (Cameroonians in general) select and elect political representatives; Governors, SDOs, DOs etc, who are qualified and understands the plight of their constituents. A sort of scenario where the legitimacy of the governor (those in power) is predicated by the governed. To French-speaking Cameroonians, do not object to the Southern Cameroons demands, instead use this opportunity to pressurize this tyrannical government and demand reforms. Send a strong message that signal an end to its dictatorial-brutal rule, ask for transparency, accountability, respect for the rule of law, the depoliticization of the courts etc. Do not object to the course of the Southern Cameroons, cherish and use it as a precedence to resist and challenge Biya. To send a strong signal to this administration that the days of reckoning is at hand and from this day henceforth things are never going to be the same again. Collectively Cameroon will prevail, divided Biya wins.

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