5 thoughts on “BUEA SOUTHERN CAMEROON mass exodus and the action of the ACOLONIAL Governor.”

  1. when I read the press release from the governor of the NW and the SW elites for more military in these region I knew this movement will take place and now the state authorities are now begging for people not to go,it is too late Sir's.

  2. when the governor of the NW region puts restrictions on movement and activities at 6 pm to 6 am I knew people will move out of the region especially non civil servants, for example a bamilike pork seller at Mobil nkwen is out of business, the Irish potato seller is jobless ,hotel owners out of business mostly own by bamilikes,how will these group of business people not pack their things away from these regions? that was the worst decision ever taken by the governor. My own advice is that the governor should send back the time to 9pm ,and see whether these people will still travel.

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