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  1. Denis Atem says:

    i love all ur post it make me not to forget home

  2. Denis Atem says:

    thanks Mr epie we love you and for your time that u use too do all this video

  3. valsero tx says:

    Hello Brother i just wanted to say thank you so much for this video. I was just about to go to sleep but missing home so bad i looked up some videos to help and i fell on this beautifull video. Especially from  13:30 to finish was like a summary of my childhood. I used to help my mum sell boiled eggs chop one chop two haha!, boiled groundnuts, boiled corn etc O.M.G!!!  Bongo Square,  aah You made day, my week Thanks again!!!

  4. Seeing my dear likoko village. Thanks for this video. I will not stop watching it. If feel like packing my suit case right away and be there.

  5. Thanks Sir! Your video is amazing, I feel so happy seeing my village(Likoko Membea) after a long time. I Miss home!

  6. Elvira Beee says:

    OMG this video was so good. I actually saw my house and my primary school. I even saw people I know, that's how how well I know buea. I'm so excited right now like I know so many places in this video because I grew up here. Thank you again.

  7. Clara Eseke says:

    I'm so happy I saw this video i even saw my house even people I know on the street. great job. God bless you

  8. Bob Stone says:

    Bullshit cameroon is not develope u better make it develope

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