7 thoughts on “BULU BLUES: Paul Biya Sings & Laments Loss Of Ambazonia”

  1. Dead on Arrival. The Southern Cameroons question, is not one of a complain from a tribe like Basa, Bamileki or Bakweri or Balondo asking for roads or anything. The Southern Cameroons issue is a question of two States, one West Cameroon and one East Cameroon. So the so-Called dialogue announced yesterday by the president of East Cameroun is dead on arrival. If he wishes to hold a dialogue within the tribes in East Cameroun, he is free to do so and the State of West Cameroon will not take part and the war will continue and even intensify. This was a farce to shape the discussion of the Southern Cameroons question at the UN General Assembly in New York in the coming days. We saw this same farce when the UN Security Council was about to hold a session not long ago when the PM of East Cameroon went to West Cameroon and throw out the dialogue word. Now that the UNGA is coming up, here we go again. No Southern Cameroonians should be move by this farce .

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