5 thoughts on “Bushfallers – You are very STUPID”

  1. The justifiable grievances of anglophones in Cameroon have been hijacked by those who wanted to make anglophone Cameroon an independent state. The reason for this is very simply: to make themselves presidents, ministers, ambassadors etc. To get power and enjoy themselves. If they get power, it will still be the same failed state scenario like the rest of Africa: that is corruption, embezzlement, dictatorship and so on. This is what is happening with the Ambazonia leadership already. Imagine what it would be like if they were in power. They are against federation because they will not get power. Many anglophones have been hypnotized into thinking independence is the only way forward. I am a realist. It will never happen. The main reason is that, even with outside help, anglophone Cameroon is too small to militarily fight the rest of Cameroon. Anglophone Cameroon is even smaller than at independence because part of anglophone Cameroon opted to join Nigeria instead of French Cameroon. The best option for anglophone Cameroon is to negotiate a proper federation. This nonsense of achieving independence through very strange means like using militias, closing down schools, ghost towns, killing of other anglophones with different opinions and so on, MUST STOP.This is simply self-harm and gross stupidity and IT MUST STOP because it has plunged anglophone Cameroon into an absolute disaster which can no longer be blamed on the Biya Regime.

  2. I love your videos. Diaspora are gold diggers. I kept telling them "through comments" to stop violence, leave bush, go home, and seek a peaceful way through dialogue. On YouTube, they insulted me. Anyway it hasn't been late to negotiate. Thanks

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