Bushiri's R400,000 donation to Alexandra children

2 years ago

Self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri visited Alexandra following a fire earlier this week which burnt more than 100 shacks to the ground. He donated R400,00 to the children in the area to get books, uniforms and stationery that were destroyed in the fire.


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Bushiri's R400,000 donation to Alexandra children”

  1. We are really in trouble with these false prophets Lord. I don't blame us, we are desperate for miracles to happen Father God, and these false prophets claim to be the ones with the power though they are not my God. We are vulnerable because of poverty and desperate situations. We are sitting ducks for these con artist. May God help us, protect us and bless us. May God give the government vision to be aware that these prophets are nothing but con artists milking their congregations out of hundreds of thousands of rands every month and that they do something about it. Amen

  2. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri may God bless you for all the good deeds you are doing!Papa your God does not sleep nor slumber!Thank you for your love and support and prayers to this community!we love you Major 1,the Prophet of God!Long live the Prophet of the Most High God!🙏❤

  3. Major 1 My Prophet you truly are sent by God to bless Nations with the love and compassion Holy Spirit has shared abroad in your heart. I appreciate you more my father you are anointed by Yahweh to do great exploits. God is your strength.

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