“Calling Good Ambas Stand Against The Killing Struggle Nonsense”(GZero Felt The Impact!)-No Benefit!

2 months ago

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Good Southern Cameroonians Speak Up against the killing and destruction of Beautiful Southern Cameroon…The Struggle for Independence of Southern Cameroon has allowed Devilish, diabolic, Souless, Heartless people to Sneak in and want to be in charge…They are going bring Southern Cameroon Down if they are Stopped in their Tracks NOW…
Southern Cameroon has been rubbed of its Innocence!!
The Innocence of Peaceful Living…It was a place where people eat, slept and laughed together…when it recovers, which it will it NOT be the same…Speak Up! Say No to Killing of your own Kind…for the children and the Old!!


The Struggle Continues

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