Cameroon Arrests Opposition Leader;Paul Biya’s Police & Military Are Using Live Ammo On Protesters

3 months ago

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The Cameroonian opposition leader who claims he won last year’s election has been arrested.

Police arrested Maurice Kamto on Monday along with several other opposition figures, including one who was pulled out of his hospital bed where he was recovering from gunshot wounds sustained at a protest against the central African country’s longtime president, Paul Biya.

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Kamto was arrested at a supporter’s house in the economic capital, Douala, and according to local media transferred to the judicial police station in the political capital, Yaoundé, though the prominent lawyer and activist Felix Agbor Nkongho said he had been taken to an unknown destination.

After Kamto was taken away hundreds of people surrounded the house. Police officers fired shots in the air to disperse them.

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46 thoughts on “Cameroon Arrests Opposition Leader;Paul Biya’s Police & Military Are Using Live Ammo On Protesters”

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  2. Phil you don't think that people in Africa don't think they need to unify.. What you think happens to people who try to unify… Us as blacks we need to come togeather over here.. We have no voice over here all of our leaders are gate keepers.. Imagine what it is for them.. I respect that your bring light to the situation but talking is not enough.. You can talk til your jaws stop working.. Its not going to change anything.. I'm not saying stop but we need more

  3. This is the same reason why Haiti is the poorest island in the Caribbean it's all because of the french, and the Haitian dictators that they put in power, Africa got to get away from the french, they are pure evil. Africa must unite as one. stay strong Cameroon

  4. Just as it has always been BLACK people who sell their, own people out, to benefit eurothevians wake up my people you are the original owners of this planet All my Black people through out the world be strong and fight.

  5. All of the leaders in Africa who are selling their citizens out to foreigners have a capitalist philosophy. This should tell us something. It is about time that we remove foreign ideologies from our nations. The capitalist system in Africa is the enemy and must be repealed and replaced. The youth of Africa will be the ones to make the change.

  6. Phil, the Africans in West Papua/New Guinea have been suffering genocide for many years by Indonesia. It's time to start including more Brothers and Sisters from the Asian side of the planet.

  7. This is the last time i am listening to this chanel. In case you dont know the separatist in Southern cameroon are kidnapping Childrens and turning them to Child Soldiers. Thanks for making the whole thing worst.

  8. You’ll see the true face of Maurice kamto 1 day. He’s a sellout to divide Cameroon and bring the people to a civil war. The way the police was shouting people is to be banned. But kamto is trying to bring down Cameroon with his evils allies.

  9. Thank you my brother for covering this story. More light has to be shed on the COLONIZERS. Constant pleas need to go out to tribes to love one another and not fight, rape, and kill one another. We will be much much more powerful if they continue to gather together. Much luv for your passion and dedication towards the cause.

  10. Oh yes there should be no borders in Africa. In America citizens can travel to 50 States WITHOUT a passport. It should be the same for Africans in our country Africa. We should be able to travel and reside in Morocco, Cameroon, Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, etc. without being called migrants. As such the horror going on in Tangier, Morocco. One Africa! One Nation without Colonizers.

  11. Lance Callender. Last week a Prominent Italian Politician blamed France for it's unfair economic policies in Africa. Last year China refused to pay France this ridiculous tax on the transactions they have with the French Colonies. So thanks for exposing this International bully tactics from France. They did the same thing to Haiti for 300 years.

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