11 thoughts on “Cameroon BIR Recruiment and Ambazonia”

  1. This does not scare ambazonians. The anglophone struggle can never be defeated by guns. The only solution is dialogue and referandum that paves the way to independence because this independence is our birth right.

    The author of this video is in my opinion a propagandist than an analyst which i previously thought.

  2. The presenter of this program is ewondo and works for the lrc. Please do not listen to him. Tapang ivo is a thief. No one likes him. So ignore them. he is wanted in lebialem for stealing money he collected for red dragons. The cameroon government targets such disgruntled individuals and uses them against us

  3. The United States ran away from Vietnam. Eritrea faught and gained independence from Ethiopia. You can not discourage us. You are wasting your time. If lrc was going to win this war it could have done it by now.

  4. Lrc has never won a war. Even boko haram is still there. Lrc are known for killing unarmed citizens. Take your video back to you chop broke pot master biya. Tell him the war has only begon

  5. The fools of this case are these children who are fighting in the field. They have no weapon ,no food, no training but they are following orders of some people who are hiding themselves abroad and who live easily with their families.
    During this time, they are killing like flies , and have no grave. Anyway , they have nothing to do with their lives. They will be killed.
    Thank you ma kontre pipo. Tell them the truth.

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