One thought on “cameroon brutality – 2016”

  1. The same political and economic problems that existed in Cameroon during past crises persist and continue to plague the lives of Cameroonians, especially those of "Anglophone extraction". Now the Common Law lawyers and Teachers Unions are protesting!

    The origin of the Cameroon Anglophone problems goes back to WW1 when Germany ceded its territories to Britain and France. And indeed, it is recorded in UN Security Council archives. One wonders why the UN and France have sat on this vexing issue for so long! I am a US citizen of "Anglophone extraction" and have set up a procedure to help the lawyers and teacher in their fight against tyranny and dictatorship.

    Recall that the current president, Paul Biya (pronounce Bee-ya), has been in power since 1982, one of Africa's longest ruling tyrants and dictators. Unless Paul Biya is ousted from power, there will never be any substantive change in Cameroon.

    Please, HELP!

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