Cameroon military give journalists a treat

8 years ago

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This is how a military officer got brutal with me, and my TV crew for filming in a public building ( Ministry of Justice). We arrived the building to do a report on how the World cup impacts work output. The sergeant at the reception violently shoved us around, punches, and threats. My sound engineer came off with a cut in his finger, a bruised arm and a wound in his head.


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Cameroon military give journalists a treat”

  1. All journalists and reporters have both the civil duty and the ethical duty to not only tell a story but to tell it right. I have taken a critical look at this EDITED footage which I believe was up loaded by the "victims" to make their "case". But from what I can see, I can tell that the journalist, reporter or camera gave the first punch. As such, the military guy reacted or better put counteracted which I think normal individuals will do. End of story. SM.

  2. The camera crew really should have asked permission before they started filming. Taking pictures isn't only disliked by the military, it's also disliked by ordinary people. Who knows if you might be taking a picture to do some traditional magic to try to harm someone? Moreover, it's expressly illegal to take pictures of gov't buildings. Shame on the armed men for getting violent, but if these journalists had done their homework, they would've known that it's illegal to film public buildings.

  3. i remember this building. the minister of justice is only a few stairs above that security desk. if such can happen at the ministry of justice, your not safe. very unprofessional. a true case of jungle justice.

  4. from what i see on the video your TV crew agressed the military by giving a big blow with a stick officer who only want to do his job , we don't film in a ministry of justice like we want , and we don't do things like this when we call it self journalist in others respectable countries you and your mafia crews will go to jail

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