Cameroon : The Most Peaceful Country Of Africa

2 years ago

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“island of peace”; one of the most peaceful countries in the continent and themost peaceful in the region. This sometimes justifies the high rate of refugeeinflux in the country, since it’s ‘seemingly peaceful’ nature makes it the firstchoice for most refugees fleeing from wars in their countries. However, acritical analysis of this haven of peace, Cameroon, may transform this blinded perception into greater caution and ignite positive actions towards restoring andsafeguarding genuine and durable peace in the country.

A 52′ documentary directed in 2003 by Eric Elléna


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The Struggle Continues

45 thoughts on “Cameroon : The Most Peaceful Country Of Africa”

  1. I found out through my Ancestry DNA test that I'm 38% Cameroon/ Congo/ Southern Bantu peoples. My second largest African lineage is Benin/ Togo. I had other smaller African lineage, and a little European too. But Cameroon, both Congolese countries, Benin, and Togo are the African countries I want to visit..

  2. Cameron army is the most brutal sadistic army it needs to be disbanded and rearranged, the brutal soldiers are killing children and women is this a peaceful country or peaceful nation? i beg to differ Cameron is BRUTAL COUNTRY SADISTIC PEOPLE!!!!

  3. should Africa always be expected to be chaotic? No wonder that this is a Western film….Watch this space….the barbarians that the west are are gonna surely fall as Africa realizes how it has been misused….

  4. It's a little over a year since this video was uploaded and the video itself is apparently 15 years old. The "peace" is gone from Cameroon. This video is a request for prayer for Cameroon, Africa:

    Ever notice how all the countries with a strong presence of the Roman Catholic Church are always impoverished? It's no accident.

  5. I think it's the whites who do not believe that Christians and Muslims can live together in harmony. It's not weird at all. We have Muslims in Kenya. Went to school with Muslims, work with Muslims, are neighbours with Muslims. It's the most normal thing on earth. In fact, my home is less than 100m from a mosque. But all around me are Christians and their churches. Muslims and Christians mingle easily and have mingled easily since Islam was introduced to East Africa. Its the same in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda Burundi…

  6. Every time a white person makes a documentary about anything, especially involving people of color, you can rest assured it means the destruction of whatever that is! It is an invitation for the seed of Satan to come in and cause upheaval or death. This has been their pattern for centuries. Make their people through documentary of other types of revealing display aware that there is something of value to be plundered and the rest is history. Devils!

  7. Think about it! These people never make a display of themselves and if left alone they can work things out amongst themselves. But let some pale face smell an opportunity to make a profit and what was concealed, is revealed and whatever peace these people, though poor, may have known is turned into a reason for the seed of Satan to makeup an excuse to mount a takeover attack. Now, tell me I am lying!

  8. [11/20, 10:43] Dhul Hijat: It's a lie, there is a war between French speakers side and English speakers side. The French speakers side discriminate those English speakers and they don't want them to lead themselves. They kill them it's a big massacre in Cameroon done by French speakers which is running the government.
    [11/20, 10:44] Dhul Hijat: It's a dictatorship only the president is like the KiNG doesn't want to leave the power
    [11/20, 10:48] Dhul Hijat: Don't believe those brainwashed people. Look at how people still live in grass house like in Rwanda in before 1950. Its crazy stupid and embarrassing for African. We always take our people as OUR SLAVE, and HOLD ALL POWER IN ONE HAND OF YHE PRESIDENT, PUT ALL RESOURCES AND AID IN OUR POCKETS AND WHOEVER TALKS WE JAIL, KILL OR DISMISS. AND PEOPLE STAY IN POVERTY FOREVER. IS THIS WHAT THEY CALL PEACE. BETTER PEOPLE HAVE A WAR FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHT UNTIL ITS MET.

  9. This is rural part of Cameroon every country have them, Africa has beautiful cities too. In Africa's rural areas some people remain in villages with poor conditions but this so call documentary won't tell you this. African governments help your people and love them.

  10. As long as you are a slaves of whites, and never speak up the truth, and never speak for the weak, hungry, poor, and for African wealth extorted by European white maggots. You will remain "peaceful"
    Independent doesn't mean perfection. What do you want to bet french are extorting all the goods and these Cameroonians are probably letting it happen.
    Whites love that.

    Whites love the black and Asians who bow down to them and worship them.

  11. I come from the southern part of Africa, so I have very little knowledge about Cameroon. However I need to correct the person narrating this documentary, please stop calling Africa a jungle. This is an insult to our continent, please stop it. Secondly it is ungodly for that Moslem king to force women to walk with bare breasts in front of him. That is a high level of sexual harassment and abuse. Human rights groups must do something to help these defenseless and abused women and girls. This Moslem king is a wicked man.

  12. "I personally don't believe Muhammad was a Prophet" 8:16. Then you don't know the Bible! Muhammad is mentioned in the Bible a number of times and is even referred to as the unlettered Prophet in the book of Isaiah. It is widely known that Muhammad was illiterate and could not read or write, and his first revelation is mentioned in Isaiah 29-12, which is captured in the Quran in chapter 96. READ! or PROCLAIM! in your Lord who creates! and he responds, I'm NOT A RECITER. Jesus was a Prophet of Allah and is mentioned in the Quran 500% more than Muhammad. There is even a chapter (19) dedicated to his mother Mariam peace be upon her. Jesus was sent to the sons of Jacob, (Or more commonly referred to as the house of Israel. his mission was to guide them back to the one true Lord. and to announce the coming of the final messenger, Muhammad. Jesus, Mose, Ibrahim all came with the same message, and were all as dark as these people in Cameroon from the tribe of Judah

  13. The god of the Muslim is Allah, the God of the Christians is Jesus. Jesus is a jealous God, Allah is His enemy. Christians are not friends of Muslims because there God hates Jesus for kicking Him out of Heaven.

  14. big lie…'peace' can also mean nothing is going on on the political front..thats why one president has ruled them for over 30 long as you dont disturb papa france, your peace is guaranteed.. france decides who rules these french speaking countries

  15. From my knowledge of african countries ,cameroun is just another nation in africa, nothing makes it peaceful more than others ,only that the country has been ruled by a dictator for the past 35 years ,and he rule with iron fist ,so it has rendered or left many camerounians in a stupored and dormant state,,35 years of leadership and nothing to show for it,except the leader and his cronies getting richer per day while the nation and its people are in a stupored state cos they do not even know anymore what their political and economic right is,with the french brainwashing and plundering camerounian wealth ,telling them like in the colonial time that they are french citizens ,yeah right, hahaha ,peaceful country ,it looks peaceful but not peaceful cos say a word ,you will be locked up .

  16. …as for that Muslim Chief – he need to be made to walk around the whole Country NAKED – I mean bare BUTTS then he would realize what a pervert he is!!!!! Shame unto Muslims if they consider this "sinful and evil practice" not part of their religion yet, had done nothing to stop it! Where is Saudi Arabia the dictator on this? Muslim men behaving like this only shows the hallmark of cowards – their laws and rules are designed to intimidate WOMEN yet, women gave birth to their big heads – God will heap punishment on these evil perverts!

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