Cameroon to adopt law against tribalism [Morning Call]

1 year ago

*Cameroon plans to introduce laws against tribalism.*

The justice minister who defended the text amending Article 241 of the Penal Code in front of the National Assembly, said that the rise in tribalism and hate speech could compromise security and social cohesion.

If the law is passed someone convicted of tribalistic crimes could face one to two years imprisonment and/or pay a fine of up to 3 million FCFA or 5000 USD.

Africanews correspondent *Lambert Ngouanfo* updates us on the proposed la…

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2 thoughts on “Cameroon to adopt law against tribalism [Morning Call]”

  1. Law too strict must they promote respect not force fake respect Promote the respect of all tribe of Beautiful people of Cameroon we all Black just different branches the average person can't afford these fines

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