Cameroonian Artists Buying Views

1 year ago

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In this video I talk about Cameroonian Artists Buying Views and some indications on how to identify them. Hope you like it.

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The Struggle Continues

12 thoughts on “Cameroonian Artists Buying Views”

  1. Nice channel. Makes sense. But then again i will disagree on the point where ""people will view and not even like or comment"". I have witness a situation where someone shares a video and get say 10k views over a span of 2 weeks and yet barely have 10 – 20 likes or comments. It happens. Nowadays people mostly just watch for the fun of watching at the moment and very few people pay attention to clicking the like button or even leaving a comment.

    Good stuff and keep it up. Your channel will definitely grow.

  2. Dude u are just a hater,are u a Cameroonian?,if yes then u should be ashamed of yourself,rather than promoting Ur native artists u instead tarnish their images,u ain't serious bruh,go buy Ur own views on Ur channel too, that's the thing with Cameroonians

  3. So what have u said?
    If u say cameroon artists buying views on you tube show us how they buy views dnt come an start explaining business strategies on facebook on you tube. Its just way to degrade camer artist

  4. Love your work from CAMEOON hope you keep this channel active by providing more insight content on the cameroon music industry, keep the hustle going thumbs UP on this useful information…

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