Cameroonian Refugees – Ekpuk Village (Akwa-Ibom) Nigeria

8 months ago

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Bright light Projects Annual Fundraiser for 2018 is focused on Cameroonian Refugees in Ekpuk village Refugee Camp in Akwa-Ibom State Nigeria. Ekpuk Camp is home to some of the refugees mostly children and women from Ndian Division in the South West region of Cameroon. This camp is often referred to as the “Abandoned Camp” with NO DRINKING WATER, TOILETS, LEAKING ROOF, VERY LITTLE OR NO FOOD, NO SCHOOLING FOR THE KIDS. The human conditions for refugees in this camp are very deplorable. Food is also a very big issue for refugees.
Septic tanks are present but there are no boreholes to power water to the tanks. This fundraiser will help to provide four boreholes. There are no toilets for the refugees in this camp, so they go to the bushes for their toilet needs. Providing toilet facilities is a must in this camp. The children have been out of school for two years plus, Camp schooling is possible if they have the resources to hire local teachers to come to teach at the camps. You can see how the refugees dry their mattresses during the day as they suffer from the roof leakages due to the rain at night. There is an URGENT need to repair the roof of the camp.
This humanitarian intervention is an URGENT INTERVENTION and thanks for supporting. Bright light projects are in contact with some local contractors who have all provided pro forma invoices for the boreholes, toilets, roof repairs, etc. Once we can raise the funds, work will begin immediately to alleviate the worsening conditions of the refugees. Bright light Projects is a United States 501©(3) Public Charity organization with operations in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia

Our Vision:
To promote and support BLP beneficiaries to become self-reliant and contribute positively to the development of their communities.

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