2 thoughts on “Cameroonian’s in diaspora discus civil unrest in Southern Cameroon”

  1. Cameroon has great people and the division within the French -English speaking within Cameroon is absurd. The present leader in Cameroon has been in power for a long time and he thinks his a king or something.. the Cameroonian present leader spread nothing but Ethnical and tribal division along French-English break down…Have no respect of the Cameroon government not elected fairly by the people by the people of Cameroon. Yes Cameroon is in Central Africa very close to Nigeria… The long problem of Cameroon needs to be resolved ASP…I had friends from Cameroon from both side French-English Cameroonians I could tell the division when we talk and have fun..a fight always break up because of the long time colonial misunderstanding. That was the British and French rule..quonquer, divide them then leave behind an undemocratic government that will help pay taxes to France… I heart that Cameroon pay taxes to France today same as most of the French African colonies. Its too bad..no wonder the African union is too divided because the Francophone nations kiss to much booty to France.

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