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Cameroon’s President Biya Promises 500,000 Laptops For Students, Sparks Mixed Reactions

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This week on Keeping It Real With Adeola, Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has announced his intention to buy 500,000 laptops for university students. Find out why some are excited and why some are skeptical of this move.

To watch full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmZV5MPdnLI


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  1. Odis Mesa says:

    never seen a laptop made from Africa

  2. U had me rollin with those 6 laptops lol.

  3. Ask Kenyatta…he will tell you how that is a big lie

  4. Paul Biya will be judged by Jesus himself

  5. bisagermaine says:

    just let him buy it. no matter the way he does it. we want to see that.

  6. I really like the intelligent moves the Rwanda has been making in the past ten years. They are about to make every west African country look like crap.

  7. believe it or not, just because a product is made in cameroon doesn't mean it will be cheaper. proximity to the place where something is made does not necessarily make it cheaper to the locals. if this were the case, china wouldn't be able to export cheap crap all over the world.

  8. You are completely crazy😂😂😂😂😂…You just got a new subscriber. Ok let's be serious. I'm a part of those cameroonians who find this decision of Biya completely insane. We are even more than 500 000 students in the country. And like you said “learn us to fish instead of giving us fish“.

  9. oceej0 says:

    Well done Rwanda!! They can teach the rest of Africa a thing or two…

  10. were still waiting for dos laptops til now

  11. talk only talk if they could juste let US be wat we want

  12. U talk about internet Adeola LOL!First Cameroon needs electricity before internet.These laptops will be useless

  13. sadou babi says:

    ur voise is like u drank palm oil.change ur way of speaking adeola.

  14. LMAO.
    about $ 128000000
    what is the long term benefits?
    we have very FEW thinkers and PATRIOTIC VISIONARIES IN AFRICA.

  15. We need news from all African countries please.

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