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Cam’Ron – Oh Boy ft. Juelz Santana

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Music video by Cam’Ron performing Oh Boy. (C) 2002 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC


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  1. U know JONES CAPO STATUS!!!!!

  2. I wonder what they did with all them big ass clothes

  3. AL Yank says:

    this was that old school BET remember that shit 💯 new school this is our shit stand down.

  4. Fart Ing says:

    im still here! – what a track!

  5. 1II1II says:

    Wanna rock that burgundy hoodie.

  6. key rowie says:

    I was 9 when I first heard this


  8. juelz with them sexy ass dimples;)

  9. Mia Blanco says:

    Yass.. You Really Just Gon' Put Ya Feet Next To My Cereal?!! 2017 💙

  10. Akaaia says:

    Reminiscing …you'll be D.O.A…..your moms be like OH BOY! #killahcam

  11. 66PerryBoy says:

    Juelz came in bussin

  12. Essenceofk says:

    Them females 😍

  13. Essenceofk says:

    A Classic from that time…💯

  14. Tova Swu says:

    2017 Boy! oh boy ! 😂

  15. who bumps Camron in 2k 17

  16. kkk som monstro 1000grau oh boy hip hop na veia e nos

  17. He can't prepare his own bowl of cereal?

  18. Back when Camron was the MVP of hip hop. 2002 belonged to him since he made hits back to back and made Paid in Full the same year. He was turning into the next 2pac before 50 took over. God Bless.

  19. REY says:

    jay-z money right there xd

  20. They're Back 2017 NY takeover

  21. De Gomes says:

    B R A S I L ✅

  22. Naruto X98 says:

    Ahhhh ….. the early 2000s ….. 😩

  23. Nino Italia says:

    dipset hell yess. Jim Jones, killa cam and Juelz. …….fuck dame dash

  24. goddamn that Asian chic is BAD 😭

  25. TK97 says:

    loool when you just clock cam 'ron is rico

  26. oscar Gomez says:

    Who went to high school between 2004-2008? from mexico 2017!!!!

  27. who's hear cause of the oh Boy podcast by man repeller

  28. i don't what they don't like this song

  29. Those jackets though….

  30. Stacie Jones says:

    Cam' Ron and Juelz  Santana were so fine

  31. who is watching this in 2017

  32. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue.

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