Can this be true? Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé– A source in the Ministry of Territorial Administration …

2 years ago

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Can this be true? Cameroon Journal, Yaoundé– A source in the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization has disclosedto The Cameroon Journal, plans by the Biya administration to break up the Northwest and Southwest regions and redraw the map of the Southern Cameroons, merging some of its territories with neighboring regions in East Cameroon.Our source, a veteran of the Territorial Administration ministry, said that the plan has been in the making in Yaoundésince Anglophones two months ago, began screaming for federalism and self-determination. The plan gained traction our source said, after dialogue with Teachers andLawyers’ Consortium collapsed.The arrangement, he said, is tobreak up Bui Division, the part bordering Adamawa in the North of the country, and merge with the Tikaris. Part of Mezam, particularly Santa, which is next to the West Region will be ceded to the Region. Also, in the arrangement, part of Foumban in the West Region bordering the Northwest will be ceded to the Northwest.In the Southwest, our informant disclosed that Tiko will be merged with the Littoral.The stretch ofLoumbordering Tombel in Kupe Muanenguba Division will be cut out to the Southwest. Part of Lebialem Division, including the capital town of Menji, will be made to merge with Dschang in the West Region, some parts of the division includingBamubu, will remain in the Southwest.The reason behind this? “The Gov’t is panicky,” our source said. “It is scared of secession and doesn’t want atwo-statefederation. But gov’t also doesn’t want to come across before the international community as not wanting to meet Anglophones somewhere – in the middle. Andthey devised this plan to wipe off the map of the Southern Cameroons so that they can create a ten state federation without the Northwest and Southwest necessarily remaining completely English.” Our informant explained.She added that gov’t aims at doing this and offering federation so they don’t have to contend with secession. However, the plan is that of a ten state federation since the blueprint automatically kicks out a two-state federation as envisaged by proponents of a two-state federation based on the 1961 model.It is important to note that if the scheme is implemented, it will forever wipe off the map ofthe Southern Cameroons as existed in 1961, henceforth, the message will be that the Southwest and Northwest are not entirely Anglo-Saxon since it would now have some French speaking territories.The regime assumes according to our source, that this arrangement will forever silent the Anglophones who talk about Anglophone problem since the territory would have been mixed up with both French and English inhabitants. To achieve this, it becomes a necessity that the map of the Southern Cameroons is redrawn to exclude the Mungo and the areas bordering the West and Adamawa regions. This will ensure that their form of federation doesn’t result in a purely English speaking Southwest and Northwest Regions/states since they would have been mixed with some Francophone territories. The parts of Anglophone territories like Tiko and others joined to La Republique, they say will go to boost national diversity.The Cameroon Journal gathered that President Biya’s newly created Commission on Peace,Bilingualism, and Multiculturism will have the task to perfect the arrangement. Once that is done, Biya will decree Cameroon a federation of ten states.

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