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Can u marry some one who doesn’t worship in the same church with you?

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Can u marry some one who doesn’t worship in the same church with you?

Courtesy of… Ngoh Ateng || 2018-03-13 18:00:17

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  1. Sure..but it’s got to be a pentecostal christian

  2. Yes, if at all she is from Presbyterian, baptist or Muslim

  3. If she is a Christian
    There I will married her

  4. Why not is she not a christian

  5. Ekwa Esau says:

    I think the question should be : can a christian and a religious man get married? The two above are incompatibtle

  6. Julliet Nkeh says:

    I can’t. Y bicus there will be confusion. It soo aching dat on a day of service, de lady is going her own way while de man is going his own way. If dey both fellowship under one commission u will see dat dey will always reason together.

  7. Yuve Eli says:

    I Can NOT, How Can I Get Married 2 A Man Who Can Not Teach Me D Ways Of D Lord?

  8. Timah Bens says:

    When post a question of this magnitude it like God is different. No Mather were u worship we have one God. What matters is understanding and love. God will handle the rest. Must ladies have lost men because of this same problem. Remember Church will not marry u nor your pastor.

  9. Louis Man says:

    Seems like most of ya don’t even know the meaning of a church from your comments. Religion, tribalism and cultural segregation has damaged African minds making the west very happy to manipulate Africa at will

  10. Rock King says:

    Yes if only he or she is Christian not a religious person

  11. Toh Lights says:

    Yes.. Ma parents did. And been maried for over 30 years now

  12. Nji Sandra says:

    Inspire of our different churches we serve on God .so i can.and a big yes to that

  13. Ateng can you marry someone who is not from your village. Your answer is my answer to your question.

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