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Can u sleep with me for 6 hours?

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Can u sleep with me for 6 hours?

Courtesy of… Joseph Ekota || 2018-03-13 21:50:16

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  1. Joseph Ekota says:

    Hmmmm comment loading

  2. if i were dem,i ll Even sleep more then 24hours

  3. Nah Jude says:

    I no want commite suicide

  4. Uzi Vert says:

    Why?you wan kill me with gass

  5. What am I eating to do that

  6. A fit sleep you for 12 hours

  7. I can do it for 1year

  8. Ambas Bay says:

    6 hrs is just for warm up! You go take ya 2 foot run!!

  9. No u 4get na infinity hours

  10. I always sleep for 8 hours. I am already sleepx now

  11. DAT time over small addam

  12. What do you have that is so special for such a labour nyam

  13. I no dey sure say you Cary sick?

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