22 thoughts on “Canaanland Moors MSTA Morisco Renaissance”

  1. 1022 in.
    I like how you used
    stars an dates an biblical history
    an the calander in one

    you didnt breakmit down, but I feel you mo.
    the catapult to the rise of the sun

    just a info exchange

  2. why 5he fuck you say all the things they doing wrong an forgetting about the principles

    taj honorer you on a principle

    ill be the first to buy or fund your
    f n
    cannanland ran

    I honor you for that

    especially if you do it in peace
    an use allmthe na,e
    msta, renegade, nationals. an have cannanland in front

    getbyour papernin your f n you tube

    I wwnta see the paoer up this week

    behind you
    mo of foundation

  3. I wanted to send this private but i dont see a email or inbox. My question is, when other nationals come and get drivers license do they reserve their rights(im not in opposition.. i reserve my rights.)? im jus wondering why they dont… if they dont. From my understanding, U.S. has no (dejure) citizenship to offer.. only a corporate membership. So if a state issued instrument alleges jurisdiction over the person via 14th amendment that would only pertain to stateless persons.. right? because nationality is an unalienable right therefore it supercedes corporate membership. Basically we are foreign to the U.S. so do the same processes apply for us as they do with the foreigners coming here when contracting with the corporations? or do we have to have extra protection because the heads of the Temple wont come to our aid like foreign consuls will for their nationals if we are violated?

  4. This was/is one of the greatest Classes and demonstrations by Sheik Kudjo El..Shalom/Islam you are truly a Lion of Yahuddah..thank you for the guidance and validation..very constructive and informative. todah…

  5. 😭😭😂 Why do people insist on presuming that if you're not chinnin' and grinnin' , P. Diddy style , in front of the cameras to post on YouTube , you're a passive Moor? Grow up 😂💀

  6. They went from nationality, to bringing in an attorney, to speak of civil rights, and not of human rights which is what "NATIONS" speak of. their agenda is clear…. It is a fact that an army jeep has civil rights, because it is property. that is a fact for real, so does a dog that's property of the state, they telling people to fallow that woman, to forget of human rights, and to go for civil rights, which is the only thing that negro property can go for, setting people up to stay in the same exact status. this moriscos, are getting paid to enslave people. in the movie d,jango unchain what was it they were calling him for being a so call black slaver?, where he was pretending to be a so call black slave owner., that's what they are, as they existed in the past, they exist today, they just lazy parasites don't want work for their own, they want to eat of other peoples energy=slaving them, well like in the past selling them in to slavery….

  7. man i was going to do the email thing, and went to check my email and
    yahoo is out of service because of a so call security bridge, it seems
    they stole a bunch of emails, sometimes those be the same alphabet
    people doing all that crap….

  8. Even in children's videos the europeans teach their children about the Maryland Charter and the City of Lord Baltimore that was created for europeans to settle, and the filthy Morisco clown talking about he from Baltimore, and the Laws of Baltimore, and the laws of baltimore this and the other, Yea maybe he come from europe too as a dirty morisco….

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