Cape York Telegraph Track LATE OCTOBER Last Trip 2014

6 years ago

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At the end of the season, late October 2014 MNF4X4 took a new Colorado 4wd to Cape York via the Telegraph Track. We needed to see all the up to date conditions and changes….If you are planning a trip to the Cape next year this vision may be handy…. To join our tagalongs for next year contact Bec or Marty MNF 4×4 Gold Coast


The Struggle Continues

12 thoughts on “Cape York Telegraph Track LATE OCTOBER Last Trip 2014”

  1. I can't believe an experienced 4WDer would take a trailer up the OTL with a standard ball coupling.  They are fragile and break easily;  I saw it on my trip.  Towball snapped off.  Naturally no one had a spare of that item leaving them stranded.Altogether too much focus on the cars that failed Nolans, and not enough on the thousands who made it easily.Golden rules for Nolans crossing – Lower tyre pressures to 12psi.  Don't cross within 15mins of previous vehicle to allow sand to settle. Don't go too slow or too fast.  Don't try without snorkel or blind.  If you drive Toyota almost any series tie your radiator fan up or you will rip the radiator open.  Attach your tow/snatch strap or winch rope and have someone ready to tow you and someone holding your rope/strap end ready for instant connection to tow vehicle.We helped half a dozen through with no dramas, with and without snorkels.  We witnessed a numnut with an 80 series, 6" lift, 35" rubber get stuck and rip out his radiator.  He was too cool to take advice, just like a 200 series wanker 5 minutes earlier.

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