22 thoughts on “Capo Daniel – Chris Anu needs to be interogated immediately.”

  1. You are the devil himself!!
    You say someone needs to be investigated and condemning
    The same person at the same time. Making this video at this time tells exactly what kind of person you are.

  2. Unsubstantiated allegations are bad against Chris Anu, IG, General RK and most importantly, YOU. You condemn allegations yet all you are offering are also allegations as well!!!!

  3. Y all these francophones commenting ? I suddenly noticed that many francophones will comment positively for the IG and any person that tries to talk against IG u see same francophones rushing to gibe negative comments. Capo keep up with the truth.

  4. your Canas .Upon all what is happening on the ground you did not see any one to a dress it ,you only see but Chris Asus. Three years in a revolution but your brain is still in mature .Can you not see your age mate Eric Tataw a dressing pertinent issues on ground zero .The military did not attack in Bafot because Mr Chris has already informed our boys to be prepared and be aware of their coming. publicly. so the military know that the information has gone all round about their coming to Bafot .By doing that Chris has self souls there and you come on line to sabotage our honourable secretary your pimma .you need to take a break from this your daily pot cas .because you are not making sense at all .Where is general Ivo,where are the boys in gozang you have not talk anything about that.Now you guys have Rk at hand to manipulate and kill him later .Your pimma again.

  5. Capo say what you know. Never mind what people are saying. We need a balanced information, both pro and cons regarding the activities of the IG. This is what we call healthy democracy.

  6. Did you interrogate Ayaba for the killings in Batibo ?????

    Please leave Chris Anu alone. To Chris Anu and the IG, you are a non grata.

    Ambazonians are not fools. by your fruits we already know you all. Mugu

  7. Chaiiiiii! Capo Pamela, what will you gain if Chris kept silent and your slave master lrc military came and kill all our people and fighters in bafut? Where did Sec Chris Anu go wrong by sending an alert for the people to be aware of lrc impending attacks on them? You have truly sold Ambazonians to the devil /lrc and taken huge ramson in exchange . But you know what it is your soul that will be destroyed not Ambazonians. You and your carter sold out gen Amigo, Ivo, killed our batibo fighters , and are doing everything thing within your powers to kill Dr Sako,Chris Anu and our One and only IG, but you have failed already bcuz, God has already exposed you to the people of Ambazonia. We already know the snakes in the house who are sneaking from one end to the other searching for whom to strike. You've move from Field Marshal, to Eric Tataw, Dr sako, Chris Anu, etc etc to no avail. You will confess on your dying bed who put you on that payroll ang gave you the assignment to destroy Ambazonians. You will confess capo Pamela Ngong Emmanuel when the time comes unless some of us are not serving the God of war and justice.

  8. When we see you, all we see is wickedness, greed, jealousy, hatred ,traitoism, a murderer and what have you. You're really bad news ngong Pamela Capo. God will give you and your cliq exactly what you deserve ,for you can't plant death and harvest life period.

  9. This guy really still thinks that people are stupid lol
    Just come up to make himself look/sound super stupid.
    I'm really ashamed just listening to you talk garbage .
    Are you sure you are really an Amba???🤔

  10. The greatest enemy of this strugle is you capo daniel & your evil associates!!! On which grounds do u stand to open your evil mouth on Chris Anu? You ve ever proven that your greatest enemy is the IG-SAKO/ Chris Anu etc.!!! What have u to offer more than Chris Anu, who has a whole batalion of Heavenly & physical & sincerely devoted ARMY fighting for the unconditional freedom of southern cameroun.????? Thank God that He himself is at the forefront of this strugle & will not allow those your spirits of malisious/ curnning serpants to enroll/decieve our people into another circle of enslavement & pains , as your forefathers the munas & the fonchas did!!! NB:Chris anu is neither an origin of bafut nor does he livein bafut So, u creat trouble in bafut , carry wrong information to IG-Chris, and there after accuse them, the innocent ?? What a devilish spirit should do such?? Chris Anu, is from Lebialem where we were brought up in the spirit of-fear of the Lord & fear of doing unjustful acts, and the Allmighty God found pleasure in that & granted lebialem, a tree of his Mercy & Power!! Watchout , God will not foresake his gift of a free southern cameroun bcause of certain unGodly & mischieveous individuals!! Oh God, arise & shine forth over the camerouns & the southern cameroun, exposing & overcoming all evil agents/ forces/associates blocking the freedom of your people on the other side of the Mungo . Thank u JESUS. Amen.

  11. M . capo daniel, the earlier u go on your knees with yr evil partners & repent to recieve delivrance from yr dangerous demonic spirits the better!!! Watchout this time God can't foresake his people & his new plans for the camerouns & southern cameroun in particular , because of a few criminals like you!! Knowing that God, in the past allowed his people of southern cameroun to be let by yr forefathers- the fonchas & the munas, who solde our people lest than the cost of a loaf of bread for selfish/ personal&family gains- receiving envelopes- enslaving/ chaining & binding people in pains for so long.!! This time, God is doing it himself, using who ever he chooses & as such the possessed like u capo daniel-cannot understand except they repent & receive deliverance. So, what you say capo daniel , doesn't matter but it is what God says that matter. Thank u Jesus. Amen.

  12. Capo pamela, is this not the same way operated evil games before your disaster in batibo??? As if to justify your next evil plans with bafut as the target?? Oh God, your will be done!!! Expose & overcome their evil plans on the innocent. Is that the way u are working to justify the 150 000 000frs cfa bribe for u people to prevent God's new plans for southern cameroun??? Oh God, help us in JESUS's Name Amen.

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