7 thoughts on “Capo Daniel Has a message to all Ambazonians”

  1. You will never sucide in Jesus name we pray amen amba boys are collecting money motorbike from innocent people, when the go for oppression military collect the motorbike burn it who now is a loser

  2. You are a pretender!
    Just few days ago you you say you to lock 🔐 down today you are taking confuse. lol
    Did you really go to school?
    Though you speak some English
    The real Activists have spoken and the people know them.

  3. Capo Pamela it seems the psychiatrist you consulted in China didn't carry out a proper check up in your brain bcuz, that your brain wey eee bi shake soo don bee na high gear now for craz oooh. I have never in my entire life seen a man that is so confused treachery, and full of hatred like you. From 4th of Feb we shall see if it is Boh Herbert/ Ayaba Cho/Akwanga/capo Pamela, or the government of the Ferderal Rep of Ambazonia that controls GZ.

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