6 thoughts on “Capo Daniel on the Good the bad and the ugly! April 8 2018!”

  1. Good to draw out the good and bad from media talks. But, Wouldn't it be a good idea to point this out to Chris privately rather than speaking publicly like this. Keep some of these talks privately. The opponent does not give out what happens behind the scenes. Correct a child with love and the child will learn. Sorry about your insults. pardon these people and continue your genuine work. Just thinking aloud brother. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Please Capo give us the names of this selfish individuals in the various groups who don't want unity, let's crucify them in the open. They are just a bunch of greedy opportunist who wants the deaths of our family members back home to be in vain. May God never accept them to succeed in their devilish plans.

  3. To answer Evelyne to my understanding, Capo is saying this openly because remember he earlier said he spooked with many of the defence groups on ground Zero, they gave him their thoughts about the critics. Certainly they will be waiting to hear him clear off the matter on air. So that they 'll have total understanding and cooperation back on ground Zero. I like Capo's style, he is exposing the difference why we hate the regime in Yaounde.

  4. Very well spoken. I particularly like Capo's statement about unity and how it affects our view to the rest of the world. Disunity among the activists is certainly giving Amazonia a bad face. Lets look at it clearly, any one who refuses to accept a governing body and resolves to fight it will likely fight any other government that he does not like in an independent Southern Cameroon. The World will not support our independence as long as our leaders are unable to unite. Any activist who cannot move towards unity should withdraw from forefront activism rather fight for power. if he cannot do this, he is slowing down our progress in achieving our goal, which is to govern ourselves. If you do not want to unite with other activists, do not call yourself an activist, even if yiu have been one in the past. You have become selfish.

  5. Hi Capo, I really admire your activism, but the fact that you are trying to interpret in your own way the speech of Chris and generalize it is all wrong. You can not reason somthing in a way n want everybody to see it the way you do. See it this way, if Chris actually was criticizing other Amba forces ad you are say, he will not want them not to take bribe as he did. Know that he was not taking about Akwanga or Ayaba's group bcus Ayaba n Akwanga can not and have never bribe boys in ground zero to join their forces. So it is but normal to reason that when Chris Abu talked of bribing boys in ground zero, he really meant Atanga Nji bcus that is one of their tools that they are using to destabilize our struggle. That not withstanding bro keep up the good job. You are doing great, n we can not do in this struggle without some of you Capo.God bless you and God bless Ambazonia

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