"Care U Been To SONARA or Not U Also Brought It Down"(AKs For Nambere!)Nambere Changes Camp! Stupid

5 months ago

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You are so annoying…
first of all you are wasting time air time by talking nonsense…space someone with some sense could used…Idiot
second if you Idiots did not start the War SONARA would never have been affected whether it is LRC, Ambafools or whatever you all are responsible in one way or the other…Mr Show Show…Nonsense
third nobody is going to equip anybody…babies are beginning to die in horrible ways so it is high time your large mouth start to talk about ceasing fire…Idiot
Scammer…through you as who? Idiot
why not mobilize and come to GZero with the guns yourself and fight too and feel the pains of what you are encouraging…Maybe when you spend a night in the forest you will know what to tell the Diaspora on how to stop the stupid fruitless war…nonsense! see how your mouth is passing because it is not you suffering…Idiot
Nambere you are really an Idiot…So have not learned from your mistakes! You made it out alive and you want to allow yourself to be followed back into the nonsense…this around you might not be so lucky…be wise and stay gone!
Nambere you say all the time how GZero is dying but yet you still want the the dying to continue…from now on their blood will be on your head too Idiot…Nonsense!


The Struggle Continues

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