Casting Crowns – David Shawn | Angel Seraphs

1 month ago

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The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “Casting Crowns – David Shawn | Angel Seraphs”

  1. Well, I guess the world's got to end sometime. GOD Bless you guys, and nice singing. I was angry that the USA is falling apart. I don't want it to. You know communist China doesn't allow Christians? They will kill us all. So that's why I was upset to hear that they would basically take over the world. In China they have vans that drive around and grab people off the street and do surgeries on them in the van on the side of the road taking these People's organs, then they dump the person out to die slowly, missing livers and kidneys. In China if you are going to hit someone on the street with your car they consider it better to kill the person than injure him because killing cost no money and injuring can be expensive, so people speed up and run directly into pedestrians, and this is considered normal. Communism runs like a criminal empire. The rich are wealthy and in control and the underlings are lied to and used as slaves. So anyway, hearing that the USA beak was about to fall off was not the best news I've had lately. If the Prophet could tell us Canada's fate, it would be nice to know, thanks and GOD Bless in JESUS Name.

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