CBN Governor Under Fire Over Comment On Insecurity & Purchase Of Fighter Jets -Trending W/ Ojy Okpe

2 weeks ago

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Reactions have trailed the comment made by the Governor of the Central Bank Of Nigeria Godwin Emefiele who has come under fire on social media for saying that the country is expecting 12 fighter jets to help fight insecurity.

In the wake of the ban by the Southern Governors on Open grazing a video of a man lamenting how a herd of cattle Invaded a community in cross river state has made the rounds on social media

An African woman married to seven husbands who is also a traditional healer shares her story in this documentary by Afrimax which has now gone viral.

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The Struggle Continues

40 thoughts on “CBN Governor Under Fire Over Comment On Insecurity & Purchase Of Fighter Jets -Trending W/ Ojy Okpe”

  1. Are these cattle a national asset??? Do they belong to the Federal Government of Nigeria???? Are they not privately owned? what kind of madness is this????

  2. Rufai, it is becoming more and more obvious that you have a natural hatred for Fulanis ad their ways of life and wealth it is becoming an obsession in you. Take it easy. We can not be like America overnight if that's what you are pipe dreaming about.

  3. Somebody should ask the CBN govonor how many bandit and bokoharam account has been frozen so far? CBN also have big role to play over insecurity in nigeria just as the roles the played on #endsarsprotesters account by frozen. There role is not suggesting anything on jet or guns but tressing of the financial base of the terrorist in the country.

  4. Please what happened to the planes deal that buhari had with Donald Trump?

    What is p buhari doing with our monies? Buhari is making out deal upon deal without referring back to them. Who gave us this clueless, forgetful president?

  5. Mr Rufia you are the mean reason i keep on watching Arise News. You do say things the way it is and not painting issues or hiding the truth just to pleased some selfish politicians. God bless you my friend!

  6. I love these guys, all four of them–brilliant and fun folks. Ojinika is Igbo, why does she always have difficulty with pronouncing Igbo names, including Emefiele, which is from her neighborhood of Igbo land?

  7. Ayade is a disgrace to the Southern governors forum and Nigerians. The worst species of Governor is seen in the southern Nigeria.
    Abati is a politician, so you don't expect him to comment on the critical issues on cattles sacking people's farm, but he spent time talking of polyandry. I switched if at that stage.

  8. #wakeUP s/s
    Military boss,Fulanis
    Civil defense,fulanis
    Road safety,fulanis
    Nigeria port authority,Fulanis
    Prison service boss,fulanis
    Minister of defense,Fulanis
    #INEC #election ringers ,Fulanis
    Nigeria fire service, fulanis
    Who is killing Christians ✝️, Fulanis
    Who is killing Southern youths, Fulanis
    Minister of communication, Fulanis
    National assembly, fulanis
    Senate president, Fulanis
    Comm of Police all states, fulanis
    Military G.O.C all states, fulanis
    Oils 🛢wells, Fulanis
    Ministry of foreign affairs, fulanis
    Nig Custom services, fulanis
    Chief Justice of Nigeria, Fulanis
    To obtain Passport now, only fulanis
    Minister of Justice, fulanis
    Attorney general of federation, Fulanis

    Southern Nigeria youths must rise Up Now..

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