Changing Times; Camerounais in France Invade the Streets to Cry Down Paul Biya

6 months ago

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Published Saturday 3 Nov 2018

The demonstration in Paris, France this Saturday is in prelude to the swearing-in of Paul Biya for a record 7th mandate come Tuesday November 6. Other demonstrations have been planned in Douala and other cities around the world. Just watch


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The Struggle Continues

14 thoughts on “Changing Times; Camerounais in France Invade the Streets to Cry Down Paul Biya”

  1. Idiots , LRC citizens think Southern Cameroonians will come and sacrifices for you to benefit?! NEVER EVER AGAIN. WE Southern Cameroonians will NEVER fight again for you to benefit . Fight for your own country. We are fighting for ours. Lest we forget, citizens of LRC were clapping how " brilliant " their military is, as well as contributed money for their government to send more terrorist soldiers of dictator paul biya and his gangster regime to kill us.

  2. Let them go protest in Cameroon…
    We, the Southern Cameroon do NOT SETTLE for less…
    We want our country, we will develop Ambazonia..and make it great on the face of the earth, …

  3. Until their streets are red with their own blood, homes burnt, families in bushes, and in Tchad, corpses found in bushes, young men dragged out of their homes and summarily executed… women raped; they are on their own. Go home to your LRC and protest as well, don't end in France. Na today wuna suddenly realise say 6th November na just 3days away? Les vrais fools!

  4. This is the most laughable face of Francophone Cameroon, the people who have no lessons to learn from anybody, certainly not the minority Anglophones who initiated this series of street protests abroad with an apt accompanying song – How many people Paul Biya go kill?

  5. Good for them, make anyman lokot yi compound, where was this crowd during the killing, burning etc of the "other citizens " of our one and INDIVISIBLE CAMEROUN????? Our sweet indivisible cameroooon..cold water go boil plume small time. I can only wish dem well

  6. When ambazonians were being slaughtered by Biya, many of you francophones rejoiced. How many of you demonstrated? Non. Ofcourse, because anglophone souls have no value in your eyes. Let all anglos know that kamto is a scam and has no real solution to the anglophone problem. He would continue to kill anglophones just like Biya is doing. Do not be fooled by these crowds. They are fighting for francophone cameroon and not us ambazonians.

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