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Chevy Camaro Parody “Camarow” – Amiri King

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CHECK OUT THE CHEVY SILVERADO PARODY! ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfHtcUZXljw

CHECK OUT THE CHEVY COLORADO PARODY! ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__tzPkZywdE

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  1. because gay people cant have kids in a mustang 😂😂

  2. derthao112 says:

    "painted black to match my dick" ROFL I died there.

  3. Yohahan Hahn says:

    You are truly fucking hilarious dude! Haha

  4. BIGBADWOOD says:

    Yep ….. "Nailed it typical GM owner " not to bright !

  5. Georgiamarie says:

    lol that's funny and I drive a stang

  6. Smirk king Rhonda rousey

  7. UnNotAnon says:

    I cannot stop laughing

  8. SS says:

    Ford owners back at it again with their gay shit. No one understands comedy anymore, they take EVERYTHING seriously.

  9. Hoschi0913 says:

    all 57 states………lolzzzzz

  10. Lol funny as always. Not a Ford fanboy but all I'm saying is new z28 vs 302 R…..Mustang shits on the maro all day.

  11. Whooooooooooooooo wooooooooooo Georgetown Indianaerrrrrrrrrr

  12. ShuffleMasta says:

    "This supercharger blows harder than your mom, and this is the belt I use on her when she don't" XD

  13. Michael Born says:

    A little focused on dick

  14. That tear though did he kill a person

  15. Do a Chevy Avalanche parody

  16. i personally am a huge fan of GM but im deciding not to get involved with these fools in the comments arguing about which is better. Niether of them are better.. Its about personal preference. In my opinion GM is better. You can bitch and moan if you want but its true, niether Ford or GM are better. Its about personal preference. Also I dont read my notifications so I wont see any replies.

  17. I actually like ford more than chevy but these vidoes are fucking hilarious

  18. Daniel Walsh says:

    this show are fuuny

  19. Matt D says:


  20. wow just wow he is definitely not a virgin

  21. Cody McCoy says:

    Holy shit there was a fucking Ford commercial before this video. What the fuck lol

  22. Veres Csaba says:

    wtf is this shit 😞

  23. Tyler Bartle says:

    Well guess I'm a registered sex offender in 57 states…..58 now that Pluto isn't a planet

  24. Dak Just says:

    E=MC^2 ………. I fucked your mom

  25. your mom is a barnyard whore and I got video to prove it

  26. Bryce Swiger says:

    Ima ford guy but this is hilarious

  27. thats a copc camaro you cant drive it on the road

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