6 thoughts on “CHRIS ANU ADDRESS AMBAZONIANS.GOD PLEASE Look after our President Sisiku And his companions”

  1. It was a mistake that Sako sent a congratulatory message to Kamto. There is no evidence that kamto has won? Sako was wrong and acted immaturely. Sometimes i doubt the calibar of Sako as leader. I think we need a realistic election of an AIP at this stage of our struggle.

    Note that a bamileke can never support independence of ambazonia. We should be up to a real fight. Kamto would send more bamis to infiltrate the anglophone circles. Never trust a bami or else you would be doomed for life.

    Chris Anu or Dr Sako, you people should remain quiet until the official results are declared. Kamto thinks that the anglophone problem is Biya but he does not know that it started in 1961. That's why i tell you that kamto is dangerous, far more dangerous than Biya. we are in for a long struggle with this kamto.

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