Chris Anu ban rejected absolutely in Bamenda

6 days ago

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Our Ambazonia citizens in Bamenda have heeded our calls to ignore the counterproductive and irresponsible ban of travel through Bafousam. Such a ban can only hurt our people without advancing our course in any meaningful manner. Such calls from corrupt individuals should be continually ignored. Citizens should reinforce the observance of the Monday ghost town. After destroying the movement in the Atlantic states Chris Anu will not be allowed to do the same in Bamenda, After asking people from Bamenda to leave his native village in Lebialem, I am asking Chris Anu to go and ask for lockdown in Lebialem before coming to Bamenda. Each time our forces are gaining stronger foothold, this people comes up with lame ways to distract and give the Cameroun military an advantage. We are glad our people have realised themselves and ignore this embezzlers.
Capo Daniel
DDC Ambazonia Defense Forces


The Struggle Continues

9 thoughts on “Chris Anu ban rejected absolutely in Bamenda”

  1. Anu and Sako internet ig, hmmmmmmm fake pastors and scammers ig, Ambazonians dem don suffer for dis internet ig their hands, Ambazonians dem don learn sense soooooo tail 👏

  2. Fake pastor Chris Anu na internet champion with Fake news all the time, Ambazonians dem don suffer soooooo tail dyi Kingdom come ,never to fall again ,Ambazonians dem don learn sense thank God 🙏 👍 😀 😄

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