1. Conference requires dialogue when and where credible representatives of a people speak to each other, debate issues and arrive at valid conclusions. Too many obstacles to be overcome – Julius Ayuk Tabe and Co behind bars, Samuel Sako and others abroad, Mayor Ekema refusing the use of his city of Buea. President Paul Biya's signing of decree #2018/514 of 22 October, 2018 disfiguring the GCE Board so dear to Ambazonians does not help usher a climate of meaningful exchange; the man could not even wait to be sworn in!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please l think that the IG should look for people with military strategists to be helping and leading the GZ defence forces. Also, the IG should recruit thousands of people to defend Ambaland.

  3. Chris Annu stop manipulating the amba people. This revolution is over, i mean the military wing. The IG has no solution forward. Sako and Co have failed us and consequently you guys would never receive my penny nor from those whom i convinced to donate to the IG.

  4. M Chris & Dr Sako&IG,let God's Wisdom&Grace&Power continue to help you to lead God's people. Let the AllMighty God send his Wrath&Fire from Heaven to expose&consume anything or plan against the New setup of God for the Southern camerouns, the republic of cameroun and the reste of the world. God himself is seeing the consequence of the errors of the past on the southern camerouns- now under war-with many suffering in bushes,some inExile,many dying and many thromatized! God Our Father in Heaven have mercy on us&the sins of our fore fathers and give us a lasting solution.Remember us God, as you Remembered the Israelittes in Egypt.Thank you JESUS & Mama Maria. Amen.

  5. Please Mr Anu, we need to avoid both human and diplomatic carnage. The best diplomacy is to avoid increasing our ‘enemy’ platform. Let us criticize the church on the background and the real enemy in public. Politics and diplomacy involve a moderation of thought and action in certain cases. The people you just mentioned: Tumi, Munzu, or even fru Ndi et al, are religious and political untouchables if you will. Negotiate with such groups behind the scenes. There is need for compromise at some fronts of a revolution and a radical attack on other fronts.

  6. The republic will crush you to the last. You will lost so much and so many, that you will eventually give up. The election is over, and the goal now is to silence you before the African cup. Just seat and watch what is coming. This’s going to be an open season for the Ambazonia hunt. Orders have been given not to take prisoners. Anybody carrying a weapons would be shot on sight.

  7. The Israelites suffered for 40 years in Egypt hahaha I really pity Camerounaise because is like they're about to break that record ooh sorry🤗🤗 , Thanks to Jehovah AMBAZONIA will n shall never be part of it

  8. The revolution needs revival, A way forward is for Sako to acknowledge that his leadership has been mediocre and uninspiring. It is time for him to recruit an inspirational leader to take the struggle forward. Ambazonia has iron ladies and inspirational women to take this struggle forward.

  9. Terrorist man you are not invited and not welcome to AAC3. You are a dump. Why don't you go home to talk like this and fight along side your terrorist. You just hide in your master slavery country and preach hatred. Your time will come soon and that your big mouth will be shout for ever

  10. Announcement for more money right? Those fools who keep sending money to be embezzled can go ahead. For me, I am done with the embezzling machinery of the unscrupulous IG.

  11. Mr Chris, I think you should speak less of what others failed to do or are planning to do and speak more of an action plan by the IG which you represent. You speak more like an activist than an IG spokesman. At this juncture we need more action than words.

  12. Mr Cris Anu,please you and the IG. should write a strong letter to the bishop, Munzu the rigem and the president of LRP t .hat we the Ambazionians do not want any meetings in Ambaland. The cardinal Tummel, pastors Munzu stand on Altar pretend to love. people are in prisons ,refugees. Munzu had given bribe to the cadinal Tume and the rest .Big ,big shame for cadinal Tume and his group .What happens when you people sure in court and Christian's, have you finished to judge the case? please don't take back in slavery. what are the comament of God because you obey man made law more than God law .no turning back God will take care of Ambazionians. thanks.

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