Chris Anu on Voice Of America- Ayuk Tabe and his team must be released unconditionally

6 months ago

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We are not certain if those leaders were actually brought before court no one had said eyes on them if they want us to believe this game they should show them in public.Whoever is listening, this is what Chris Anu said on VOA. For me he is very effective in dealing with these western media organisations, He remains firm and direct. Ayuk Tabe and his team must be released unconditionally.


The Struggle Continues

12 thoughts on “Chris Anu on Voice Of America- Ayuk Tabe and his team must be released unconditionally”

  1. Why don't you go and release them your self? Chris remember this if you have forgotten. You and your comrades, ambazonians as you call yourselves have destroyed the country by kidnapping, stealing, rapping, killing, destruction of properties.  You included along with them will face the law of Cameroon for your atrocities. Your own turn will come to face the law. Enjoy your time left before then.

  2. Keep deceiving those empty head following you after all the dead lines you have been giving now you came to say that he should be free unconditionally🤣🤣🤣🤣the only achievement you have in your record is the terror…misery and fear Scians are living today

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