"Chris Setting Record Straight With Mbah Akuro" (On The Sharing Of Struggle Funds!) Wired Transfers!

3 months ago

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You are among the pretenders too…Nonsense
yes, you all are not telling the Amba People the truth and Nothing but whole truth…Nonsense!
Nobody hates anybody – the people just want a cease fire called and the senseless war brought to an END…Nonsense!
Amba did you hear that! – he said it with his own mouth “He is a Caricature” Ambaz are confirming it that you are right about that! You are the Biggest of them All Caricatures…Nonsense!
You yourself you are saying it and agreeing to it – “Sako is dishonest and is dividing the Southern Cameroonians by encouraging a War that all Southern Cameroonians are not in Accord with…Some Peole Love Peace You know! Nonsense!
No you are the worse person in this revolution and should not be trusted…Yes you should be put out! Nonsense!
Yes get Out so the War can come to an End! Nonsense!
Amba did you hear that! – He will continue to encouraging the Killing of innocent Ambaz! after all he is safe from the bullets where ever he is…Amba WakeUp!
Ambaz know that by now – your one mission is to have all of them Killed…Idiot!
Amba did you hear that! In other words they sit and decide what they want you all to know and not the truth…Amba WakeUp!
Yes you all are busy confusing the people of Amba with all kinds of stupid pointless information…Nonsense!
Do not fool yourself – Nobody has given any of you any trust! Idiots
But clearly you have difficulties telling the Amba people the truth…leave judge what ever out of this your stupid War! Nonsense!
Amba did you hear that! they are busy sharing your moneys among themselves…Amba WakeUp!


The Struggle Continues

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