Christine Anu – Sunshine On A Rainy Day (2000)

8 years ago

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It took five years for a follow-up to Stylin’ Up to be released; 2000’s Come My Way made her a mainstream star. The single “Sunshine On A Rainy Day” was a Top 40 hit for 13 weeks in Australia. Come My Way went gold. In 2000 she sang the song “My Island Home” at the Sydney 2000 Olympics Closing Ceremony


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35 thoughts on “Christine Anu – Sunshine On A Rainy Day (2000)”

  1. This song was which was a big hit for her is a cover and was originally sung by Zoe and released in 1990, the she sang 'My Island home' which was even bigger for her, which is also a cover as it was original sung by Warumpi Band. So Christine, your 2 biggest hits were other people's efforts…you are like a poor Lauryn Hill, a good voice that doesn't have the talent to write their own songs…and what are both doing now?

    Flogging denture cream on the Midday Show probably?

  2. I had to have a listen to this version as people keep commenting about it on my video of the original and remixed 'hit' versions of this song by Zoe.
    This girls voice is at best weak and whiny.
    Listen to the hit version on my channel by Zoe.

  3. @jalp1310 – her people being Australians i presume?
    What's wrong with Kylie, she's a good role model, hell even Dannii kicks this girls talent into oblivion. And Natalie Imbruglia can sing the pants off all 3 of them. Role model my arse!!!

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