7 thoughts on “Clarification on the arrest of GENERAL RK from BOYO COUNTY – Ambazonia Struggle”

  1. Can u people pease give up this war because u are capable. When did ur so call la republic ever arrest his general? Since when did the southern cameroon issue be called a bui county issue? Must u solve a problem by holding someone hostage? You will definitely not negotiate with the captured person but impose on the person. The world is watching, the UN is watching, and the cameroon government is watching. Independence cant be granted to such a devided and disorderly persons.

  2. Stephen Aghoh

    Why is YOUR proposal always that people should give up the struggle??? How much is BIYA paying you to bring down the moral of Ambazonians???

    When problems arise, they should be solved. Anyone who sincerely taught such problems will not happen is very naive and lacking in imagination. They should read about other struggles to inform themselves. Lets resolve these issues and lay the groundwork to prevent them.
    God Bless General RK!
    God Bless Ambazonia!
    God Bless everyone on GZ!

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