17 thoughts on “Clear warning to AMBAZONIAN Federalists”

  1. Federalism is NO solution at all! ONLY SOLUTION IS INDEPENDENCE RESTORATION!!! We had Federalism before. What happened to it??? What makes you, federalists, think it won't be RIGGED again???
    Too much of our blood has been shed to make any STUPID GAMBLE on Federalism and the Good Will (LOL!!!) of Francophone regimes!!!
    We are winning this, so WHY SHOULD WE SNATCH DEFEAT OUT OF THE JAWS OF VICTORY????????

  2. What real concession has LRC ever given???
    Decentralization? ——> Govt Delegates to counter Mayors!
    Can't vote your own Governors, Biya nominates them.
    Multipartism? —–> Elecam nominated and controlled by Biya!!   ETC…!!!
    What "federalism" do federalists think Paul Biya will give them???
    We had federalism before! What happened to it???
    What are the guarantees that they won't RIG it like in the past???

  3. We are happy for that notification dear Patriot brother… The cardinal don't need to change our struggle line.
    We need independent and it's final.if the can kill us like this for federalism ,then what will happen of the independent we are seeking for ..it's nonsense.

  4. Thanks sir! The problem of the cardinal is protecting the interest and businesses of the church. The schools and hospitals they have in la republique. So you have to know that every organisation is selfish including the church.

  5. Please sir, you do not have monopoly of opinion in anglophone Cameroon. The so called independence dream is a nightmare and tragic self-deception for anglophone Cameroon. It will never become a reality. Time is the only true judge. This is why no other country in the world is willing to waste its time to support it. |Anglophone Cameroon has become a disaster and it shall remain like that until people come to their senses. All the social media actors abroad should go back home and join the disaster on ground zero. You cannot encourage other people to die back home, while you hide abroad.

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