Clearly there's been a 'falling out' between Boris Johnson and the Royal Family

6 days ago

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Sky News host Nicholas Reece says there clearly has been a “falling out” between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Royal Family.

“The prime minister and the Queen have not met face-to-face since the pandemic begun,” Mr Reece told Sky News.


The Struggle Continues

38 thoughts on “Clearly there's been a 'falling out' between Boris Johnson and the Royal Family”

  1. We live in a little island we are not talking about a continent this is purely down to politics we left the EU the some of the people of Scotland need to get over this no one is keeping you in the U.K.

  2. i dont get why there bothering we are beating a dead horse stop all tax payer money going to scotland and what they going to do there not going to be setting there own intrestrates cuz they will still have the british pound we own most of the banks in scottland if we dont own out right then we own atleast a % and mostly large % …i do not want them to go i love the scotts and always thought we were all the same and wanted the same or maybe scottish power has been taken over and all there seeing is propaganda but if they vote to leave let them go we live in a democracy so they do have a right but if they do all union benifits go your on your own ….

  3. Those jocks that want to leave UK, who the feck do you think is going to rule you, its going to be the same pieces of shit that rule England and the rest of the world

  4. I voted for Boris Johnson to get brexit done! And he did it! But I don’t like the way he’s running our country over the pandemic and the way he’s allowing our police to act like the nazi gestapo! I want him out! And I want Jacob Rees Mogg to become prime minister! If he would do us the honour! Jacob is what I would call a real man!

  5. 3:42

    That's great, neither do we, we're still trying to figure that one out and the only conclusion we have so far is that the EU then becomes a scapegoat of liability so Sturgeon and her lackies can't be held at fault for anything.

  6. Johnson and the Queen have not met face to face since the Plannedemic began! I thought the PM met with the Queen once a week by default (barring serious illness)?

  7. Seen as it’s us in England who get the joy of paying for Scotland it should be up to us to vote whether or not they can go it alone and if we decide it should be so only then will they realise how hard it will be for them.

  8. Scotland had a vote only a short time ago and voted to keep the UK together. The problem is the Marxist-Globalists in the SNP. They just want to replace the UK with the EU, not provide independence. SNP lies will hurt Scotland.

  9. Is that guy having a laugh.. Did he say that covid was handled well?! He needs to go and get his facts in order before coming out with stupid comments like that. Yes I'm frome the UK and I know different. SMH!!!

  10. Economically Scotland will not be accepted as a members of the EU. We English tax payers send both Scotland and Wales billions of pounds a year to keep them going. They have free Uni Education and Free Medical prescriptions unlike us. The odd thank you would be much appreciated. I also believe that the rest of the United Kingdom would have a vote as to them leaving. Regrettably they would vote for them to bugger off…..fed up with their whining about everything during this Covid emergency.

  11. If you want to ask for an opinion of anyone about the possibility of an Independent Scotland, ask a Scot… not a bunch of egocentric Aussie TV half-wits. You may then be relevant.

  12. The Duchess of Cambridge's first name is CATHERINE as she is called by her family, her husband and the royal family. Why can't the media?

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