2 thoughts on “Clip A: Live Debate On Secession EquinoxTV 01.07.12,”

  1. I am sorry but the Gentleman Lawyer emits very low energy. State your point without stepping on your opponent's toes(eluding the subject). The history of a People cannot be shoved under the rug to satisfy the expedient needs of a morbid transient leadership that is now clearly at a philosophical dead end. If not, why is this still a subject of debate? You tell me.

  2. Mr. Barrister, you are quite articulate but unfortunately, you are not
    very intelligent. Either that or you are just being plain dishonest. So
    according to you, since the people of The Southern Cameroons voted to
    join La Republique (that it´s self is debatable, but we can save that
    for another day), it is enough to say the union is legal even if the
    necessary procedures after the referendum were not heeded through?

    What kind of insane and twisted logic is that?

    Mr. Barrister, I have a question for you. There is this woman that I
    love. I asked her if she would marry me and she agreed and we´ve been
    together for 15 years. However, I thought going to court to sign a
    marriage certificate was just procedural and unnecessary, since she had
    already agreed to marry me many years ago. Mr. Barrister, now she wants
    to leave me for another man. Should I take her to court and sue for
    damages? Please advice!

    Mr. Barrister, surely you are current with the Brexit case right? The
    British citizens voted to leave the EU. But for that to be effective
    there is the "procedural" matter of activating article 50. Now, do you
    think Britain can just walk out without going through the procedure of
    activating article 50 and all it entails, just because the citizens
    already voted to leave?

    Mr. Barrister, you no get sense at all!!

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