Colonel Atah on Exposing Hidden Deals of SCCOP and AGC, GZ, SCBC! Watch..

8 months ago

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7 thoughts on “Colonel Atah on Exposing Hidden Deals of SCCOP and AGC, GZ, SCBC! Watch..”

  1. Infact i am gradually suspecting that Millan is would become a future rebel leader within Ambazonia after we may have gained independence. These are potential people who would be used by La Republic and other countries to create factions within ambazonians. If the infos we are getting about Millan is true, then i think ambazonians should start to rethink ways of addressing Millan Atam be4 it is too late.

  2. Been waiting for SaKo`s to reshuffling, hope that it finally come out officially from IG and the faster that comes out the better so that we can move on. We don`t want to hear of theses names again. We don`t wanna hear hate language within us. Lets focus on funding the struggle.

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