"Colonel Boum" (NorthWest Gendarmerie Standing Together Fighting AmbaBoys Terrorism – Vow To DEFEND!

2 weeks ago

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Well Done Colonel Bissoue, Commanders and Military Soldiers – Clealy the military is not engaged in fighting the common civilians of the North West and South West, they are engaged in ending the terror the so called “Ambaboys” are trying to inflict on their own people/innocent Cameroonians

Kidnapping others and forcing them into bad conditions is another form of hate because it is the people’s right/democracy to want to go to school (school has nothing to do with whatever it is you ambaidiots and those in the diaspora are foolishly doing) – this act of kidnapping your own people is inspired by those idiots in the diaspora as well as your desire to ask for ransom from the families of your victims (such money collected will only hang in your necks)
You so called separatist/ambaboys have seen how the other so called amba generals other fighters have ended up 6ft under, but some of you all still continue to want to create terror in the North West and South West after the people of NW/SW have told/indicated to you all they no longer wanted the nonsense of Ambazonia to continue because it has turn into some NW/SW people killing other NW/SW people in the name of struggle (if they wanted to separate before, the people of NW/SW are no longer interested, and if you ambaboys continue your terror acts, then who are you still wanting the separation for???) you are still continue because you just simply wanted room to be able to carry out illegal acts in the NW/SW without the Military/police there to stop you – like all the illegal cutting of trees to sell to Nigeria, illegal petrol, illegal meds/drugs, kidnappings to ask for ransom etc is not about separation, but is about illegal activities and the military has said NO NO to all that and has vowed to fight the ambaboys and put an end to their madness so that people can go about without fear

Military you need to also look into the roads being used to bring in those guns into Cameroon – there is an opening somewhere being used, that you all might have NOT closed up! someone is bring the guns into Cameroon and getting them to those idiots to terrorize people – those kinds of guns gives those boys a lot of power and think they can do anything they like to people

it is time for PEACE in Cameroon/North West and South West to prevail, for cool heads in the North West and South West, violence is NEVER the answer to anything, people should come together and not that some people/ambaboys to continue to use the crisis to commit further crimes which ONLY creates more tension in Cameroon/NW and SW – some words used/statements and actions from some NW/SW people especially when they are granted interviews in news channels are only helping to insight more violence (I urge more solidarity/watch your words/statements when talking in this period of crisis in the NW/SW, especially since the people have had enough and want it all to stop for PEACE to return) because some ambaboys are very quick to misunderstand certain statements made by some to mean further attacks of violence!!!)

there are enemies all around willing to use anything to attack Cameroon and its Culture, their Freedom and what they Value, so all Cameroonians home and abroad do not give them any opportunity/something to use – Standing together is very important to fighting/STOPPING these ambaboys/some in the diaspora and the crisis they have created in Cameroon and innocent people/families

l’Afrique contribue au bien-être de chacun – la réunion de l’UA doit s’assurer que “tirs d’armes à feu en afrique” cela ne se reproduit pas
-construire une nation africaine qui travaille ensemble
-encourager les dirigeants de l’UA à être de bons leaders et une source d’inspiration pour leur peuple (pas de leadership paresseux)
-faire avancer les différents pays africains
-ce ne devrait pas être un combat pour que tous les Africains soient traités équitablement dans les pays (c’est typique dans la plupart des pays africains) certains africains ne devraient pas se sentir écrasés dans leur pays
-certains dirigeants africains permettent à leurs pays d’aller au fond, par rapport à l’économie mondiale/africaine (pas de leadership paresseux!!!)

Dirigeants africains, engagez-vous à rester unis et à protéger votre peuple – et ne les abandonne pas!!! le vrai changement en Afrique survient lorsque les dirigeants africains examinent tous les niveaux du gouvernement/des organisations pour s’assurer que tout est fait comme il se doit pour le peuple…c’est si important pour tous les Africains – alors discutez toutes les actions à entreprendre pour apporter un changement durable en Afrique!!!
travailler sur un changement progressif
le vrai changement est difficile, mais ce n’est pas sans espoir! les Africains sont des gens très durs, unis et déterminés – vous pouvez le faire en travaillant ensemble!!!


The Struggle Continues

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