7 thoughts on “Colonel Die Man calls for unity from GZ – GENERAL IVO of ADF & General Commando of ASC”

  1. Very very good , try and lecture this fools , thieves and fake jobless pastor and fake social media warriors who are setting fighters against each other , please u gz fighters should forget about diaspora. After all when u ppl on gz started the arm struggle , the was no diaspora

  2. The traits of a leader is seen in u, the true virtue of leadership, keep up the good work, don't be blinded by the tricks placed amongst u by the enemies to kill urself, to weaken ur resolve & to eliminate great warriors of the revolution like ( ivo, nambere, commando, Marsha just to name a few) so that they (the enemies) can continue their destructions without being noticed… hahaha shine ur eyes our heroes, the time is now or never…. courage!!!!!

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