Confidential]: Several relatives of Paul Biya have left Cameroon Our 48 hour ultimatum inviting the …

10 months ago

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Confidential]: Several relatives of Paul Biya have left Cameroon
Our 48 hour ultimatum inviting the Cameroonian authorities to give us evidence that Paul Biya is alive expired yesterday Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 21h.

The Code has not been convinced of the bundle of indices compiled by the current Scheme via:

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1-Paul Biya’s message to the Cameroonian youth yesterday evening around 8pm.

2-Pictures of handshakes between Paul Biya and Charles Ndongo on the one hand, Paul Biya and Issa Bakary yesterday after the speech at the studio of Mballa 2.brandies by the tyrant’s courtiers to prove that he is still alive.

Of course, these clusters of clues only amplify the discomfort and add to the confusion to the extent that:

1- a speech can be recorded well in advance. In all likelihood, many elements seem to argue in favor of this hypothesis (Paul Biya does not refer to the greatest political actuality in his balance sheet namely. Constitutional Council after 21 years of waiting, nor does it mention the date of the next senatorial elections for March 25, 2018. Worse, PAUL BIYA throughout his speech seemed late and lagging in relation to the time: “2018 will be, 2018 will be a year …” We are in 2018 and why talk about 2018 to the future? In good communicating, he could have declared: “this year will be …….”

2- Moreover, with regard to handshakes; the speech is not live, it goes without saying that there was no handshake after the speech at the Mballa 2 studio between, PAUL BIYA-CHARLES Ndongo and Issa Bakary Saturday, February 10, 2018. Those who disseminate these photos of handshakes try to make diversion and are back to the wall .They fire all the wood

With all of these analyzes, given the lack of clarity and, given the information we have in the Code and reliable sources:

We inform the Cameroonian people that several members close to the presidential family, have left Cameroon without reason with wives and children for the West for a week and are still there and we have seen them. Evening visitors have also confirmed it Chantal Biya was also seen at a ceremony in Switzerland a few days ago by other Cameroonians who were ordered not to make any photo by the Swiss security services . Moreover, a Cameroonian official from the civilian cabinet of Douala responsible for paying the bills of the Head of State arrived Saturday, February 10, 2018 in Paris and; He let himself go, as usual, to settle the bills of the presidential couple who have been in Switzerland for a few days.

The Code calls on the Cameroonian people to prepare for the worst and not listen to the diversion and manipulation of Bulu oligarchs and their allies who want to control the transition process.

Paul Biya is well undergoing respiratory assistance in a Swiss clinic for heart problems and prostate cancer in the final phase. His vital prognosis of the opinion of his doctors is engaged.

Hence the effervescence and agitation observed in circles close to Bulu apparatchiks. With the falsification of the stamps and signatures of Paul Biya on 7 and 8 February 2018 to control the transition and lock the electoral process through the appointment of the president and members of the Constitutional Council.

Another rather convincing index is the announcement of the prepositioning of French forces in Cameroon according to several sources to be ready to cover any eventuality if necessary.

The Code has ended with this series and we will not communicate further on this subject. Let’s wait for more.

Courtesy of… Jay Yonkers Ndoh || 2018-02-14 00:29:05

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